After various adventures, misadventures “Loon Lake” was (practically) completed in Rome this month, thanks to the collaboration with the following Roman post production companies: FRAME BY FRAME (color correction, visual effects, titles), CINE AUDIO EFFECTS (foley, audio effects, mixes) and SOUND PRODUCTION (dubbing). Hurray! This fall “LOON LAKE” will enter the international film festival, and in the meantime, in August the film will have a very special first screening (semi-final version) on the island of Mount Desert, in Maine, USA where it was shot. A few words about the music of “LOON LAKE”: The original Loon Lake music column was composed and directed by Ugo Laurenti and recorded at REAR WORLD STUDIOS, Velletri. For this film Ugo Laurenti had the idea of ​​composing music for guitar, violin, piano, percussion and singing and intertwining them with sounds taken from the nature of Maine, for example the waves of the lake, the wind in the woods, and above all the calls of the loons (a particular species of cormorant of the place). Loons have 4 different references, each very strange and original and each with a specific meaning. Laurenti did a thorough research on these references before incorporating them into the music. The music track also features two traditional American songs, “Big Rock Candy Mountain” (made famous by the movie “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”) and “Fishin Blues” (made famous by the Taj Mahal). Versions of these songs for “LOON LAKE” were recorded by the SID STRICKLAND BAND, produced by Robert Kinkel at SPIN STUDIOS (New York). Ecoframes and Wanjabee Pictures are very grateful to the help and valuable collaboration with the SCUOLA NAZIONALE DI CINEMA INDIPENDENTE.