“Lily’s Pub” becomes second at the AURUM Film Festival

Carlo Pettinella wins the second prize in the Beginners Section at the AURUM Film Festival 2012 edition for the short film “Lily’s Pub” produced and realized by Ecoframes. Congratulations to all the crew that has been able to give this project such professionalism and competence!

Manufacturer: Ecoframes

Directed by: Carlo Pettinella

Title “Lily’s Pub”

General Organizer: Matteo Cichero, M. G. Pagliai

Director of Photography: Andre Poli Dirolan

For the full technical cast: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQ6FLIO1d5o

MOTIVATION: “For the absolute mastery of the medium, for the choice of the cast and the places, the tight rhythms, appropriate to the proposed genre and, finally, for the ability to combine with consistency and cohesion the aforementioned elements: ideal ingredients to define Carlo Pettinella’s short “mature”.”