Final of the contest WTR #NEWRAPBATTLE

“WTR #NEWRAPBATTLE” – Last hours of excitement for rappers and their fans: everything is ready for tomorrow’s final, Wednesday 13 April, from 22:00, at the Hard Rock Cafe in Florence, where the decisive challenge of the television contest for rappers will be staged organized together with the Casalpiano Studios Association of Alberto Gerli, Giulia Fantozzi and Ian Cecil Scott, creators and managers of the project.

After the online selection of 16 participants who faced each other in 3 rounds, freestyle, free theme and chosen theme in front of the quality jury proposed by the promoters of the contest, the time has come to decide the winner, who will win the digital production of an EP distributed online by Casalpiano Studios in 240 countries around the world.

The semi-final on 8 April last brought Sandro Paoli, aka Drega, Balda alias Andrea Baldaccini, Edoardo Benevides Costa rapping under the pseudonym of Reizon to the stage of the Florentine Cafe and finally Master G, stage name of Gabriele Scarciello. The four finalists will perform in the now well-known rhythmic puns, real rhymes both thematic and improvised as in freestyle to express their feelings and tell stories about the disc jockey’s breaks – for the occasion the well-known Tuscan rapper Blebla – or on a beatbox base, that is the incredible ability to reproduce all the sounds of instruments such as drums, percussion and many other instruments through the use of only the mouth and voice.

On the jury Tommaso Dettori, Florence Marketing Coordinator of Hard Rock Cafe Florence, Laura Colistra and Ylenia Cancelli, journalists of the Beakoff web portal.