The documentary “El Poderoso” on Sky

The documentary “El Poderoso” produced by Ecoframes it will be broadcast on Bike Channel (Sky channel 237) for the whole month of April in different time slots, starting from Saturday 5th April which will be broadcast in prime time at 21:00.

The documentary directed by Matteo Giulio Pagliai, who wants to investigate the experience of 4 young people (Lorenzo Berlincioni, Benedetta De Marchi, Matteo Nutini, Luca Polverini) who left on Saturday 18 May 2013 from Florence aboard a pedal rickshaw and arrived on Saturday 1 June 2013 in Rome.

The idea of ​​a trip from Florence to Rome with a four-seater rickshaw (of those from the pine forest on the Riviera so to speak) was born a little by chance from the meeting of some bicycle lovers as a philosophy of life, as well as as a simple means of transport. Remaining in the pipeline for about a year, the project began to take shape when, alongside the idea of ​​the simple (so to speak) collective pedaling, an ecosystem of ideas and proposals developed as if by magic that led to think, and therefore design, something much bigger.