The Piano is made in Italy story 2022

Docufilm in progress – release 2023

“The prince and the harpsichord: thus the piano was born” is a documentary film lasting 1 hour and 20 minutes. Through detailed narration, we learn about the birth of the fortepiano in Florence between the 17th and 18th centuries, and how this led to the creation of the modern piano, an instrument that has forever changed the world of music. Through interviews with prominent musicians and historians, as well as supporting visual elements, viewers are ushered into an engaging musical history experience.

There are two main protagonists of this story: the Grand Prince of Tuscany Ferdinando de ‘Medici, and Paduan Bartolomeo Cristofori, one of the greatest musical instrument makers of all time. Through their story, we see the historical-cultural context in which the Fortepiano has its roots. From start to finish, the documentary gives viewers a chance to understand the evolution of this instrument over its three centuries of life.