The winners of Filmspray

Concluded the 7th edition, between the guests Vittorio Storaro and Sebastiano Somma FilmSpray, Italy in 90 seconds.

Matteo Cichero e Vittorio Storaro a FilmSpray
Matteo Cichero and Vittorio Storaro at FilmSpray

The 7th edition of the FILMSPRAY International Festival has come to an end, characterized by a strong participation of directors from both Italians and the United States. The event organized by Lorenzo De ‘Medici and Ecoframes, in collaboration with Rai Com, Rai Cinema, Fedic, Abroad Scout and those of the Compagnia di Fondazione Sistema Toscana took place in the church of San Jacopo in Campo Corbolini, specially set up with video mapping.

Davide nesti e Matteo Cichero

The jury composed of Umberto Marongiu (Rai Com), Maria Federica Lo Jacono (Rai Cinema), Fabrizio Guarducci (Lorenzo De ‘Medici), Matteo Cichero (Ecoframes), Andrea Radic (, Roberto Merlino (Fedic) and the ‘actor Sebastiano Somma after viewing the 16 videos in the competition, decreed the victory of Davide Nesti with the short “Fortunately, there is Italy”, which tells in a satirical way how two girls convince aliens not to destroy the Earth thanks to art and Italian culture.

Lorenzo Santoni e Matteo Cichero

Winner of the “Mario Garriba” Special Mention (prize obtained from the sum of the votes obtained in prisons, centers for migrants, youth centers and the elderly) Lorenzo Santoni from Grosseto with “Ricchi di Cultura”, to deliver the prize the President of the Festival Fabrizio Guarducci; the video tells the adventures of a thief when opening the wallets, stolen by tourists from all over the world, he discovers different currencies up to that of an Italian, full of postcards depicting the architectural masterpieces of our country.


Special Award for exporting Italian excellence around the world to the award-winning, including 3 Oscars, Director of Photography Vittorio Storaro, who recalls how he is the “Author” of Photography, as he tells stories and emotions with it.

Another Special Award to actor Sebastiano Somma for his strong commitment to promoting social issues.

Matteo Cichero e Sebastiano Somma a FilmSpray
Matteo Cichero and Sebastiano Somma at FilmSpray

Filmspray ended in the best possible way, next year we should think of a bigger location given the high turnout of this edition – said Matteo Cichero, artistic director of the festival – to have the 3 times Oscar winner Vittorio Storaro in the room and the actor Sebastiano Somma made this special edition a great emotion for me and for the audience, now we just have to start working for

The videos will soon be available on the Rai and Rai Cinema Channel portals as well as on our Media Partners.

Media Partner: Rai Cinema Channel and Thanks to those of the Compagnia di Fondazione Sistema Toscana for their collaboration.