Show for Francesco Nuti’s 60th birthday


After the great success of audiences and critics for the dates of Castiglioncello at the Pasquini Castle and in Prato at the Metastasio Theater, the show produced by Ecoframes was also requested by the city of Florence, it will be hosted at the Puccini Theater on May 17, 2015, a special day for all lovers of Cecco which coincides with his sixtieth birthday.

FRANCESCO NUTI – andata, caduta e ritorno is a theatrical-musical show, written and directed by the Roman director and screenwriter Valerio Groppa, played by two Tuscan artists: Nicola Pecci (narrator and singer) in the role of Francesco Nuti and Alessio Sardelli in the role of the narrator. They will be accompanied by five great musicians who will perform live the music of Giovanni and Francesco Nuti, under the musical direction of Maestro Marco Baracchino.

The show tells the story of the great Tuscan artist who has enchanted us for over two decades with his films, a real journey that traces the life of man and artist, his passions and disappointments: from the beginning when ” Cecco di Narnali “begins with the cabaret and then joins the comic trio of Giancattivi, together with Alessandro Benvenuti and Athina Cenci, who will leave to start his career as a screenwriter and star performer in some films directed by Maurizio Ponzi, such as “Madonna, what a silence there is tonight”, “I, Chiara and the dark” and “I’m happy” by winning 2 David di Donatello and Nastro d’Argento. Francesco makes the big leap by passing behind the camera, creating masterpieces such as “All the fault of Heaven”, “Bewitched”, “Caruso Pascoski of a Polish father”, “Willy gentlemen and I come from afar” and “Women with skirts”. The golden years of success saw Nuti acclaimed by the public, and consecrated by the box office records and always accompanied by beautiful women. In short, success, money and the good life are interrupted when it then meets or rather collides with depression. But now Francesco is back.

The show flows between fun but also reflection, between loves for billiards, luxury cars and beautiful women, one among all Clarissa Burt who was “taken away” from him by his colleague Massimo Troisi.

A path outlined by anecdotes and music taken from his films: “Giulia”, “Lovelorn Man”, but also “It will be for you”, “Madonna, what silence is there tonight”, alternated with monologues written by Francesco himself, which tell all his history and his career with strong colors, because Cecco is a strong man even before being a great artist and he demonstrates it also with this show where he was not afraid to have his story laid bare.

The show is based on the autobiography of Francesco Nuti, “I’m a good boy” edited by Giovanni Nuti and edited by Rizzoli, and is produced by the Florentine film production house ecoFrames with the collaboration of District 1, Municipality of Florence.