Ecoframes with Rai and RaiCinema for FILMSPRAY


in collaboration with RAI and RAI CINEMA

6 – 7 June 2014



The Festival / Competition dedicated to videos between 30 and 90 seconds

at the Lorenzo De ‘Medici Institute in Via Faenza, 43 Florence.

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On 6 and 7 June, the new edition of Film Spray will be held in Florence (at the LdM headquarters in Via faenza, 43), an International Festival which, at the behest of its creator and President Fabrizio Guarducci, changes its life: from feature films without distribution to videos lasting less than 90 seconds, subsequently distributed all over the world thanks to the partners of the Lorenzo De ‘Medici Institute.

The festival is organized by Lorenzo De ‘Medici and by the Ecoframes Cine-Television Production in collaboration with Rai and Rai Cinema and other partners including: Fedic, Eataly, Slowfood Toscana, University of Florence, Banca Ifigest, ITKI promoted by UNESCO and Banca Cr Florence.

Media Partner: Rai Cinema Channel and

As the Artistic Director of the Festival Matteo Cichero explains: “Filmspray, strongly supported by Guarducci, has evolved to give real visibility to Italian directors, who often do not have the right space and outside the festivals for their videos there is no real circuit. distributive. Filmspray wants to create a new way of conceiving videos, making them international, visible and appreciable all over the world thanks to the absence of a spoken language.”

Among the videos that arrived, the jury selected 25, based on the realization, the message and the idea.

Godfather of the Festival Luca Calvani, one of the most appreciated Italian actors by international directors, in his biography: To Rome with Love by Woody Allen, Beautiful, Sex and the city and in 2014 he will be in the latest blockbuster by Guy Stuart Ritchie, director known to the general public for Sherlock Holmes.

On the jury: Umberto Marongiu (Rai Commercial Management), Giovanni Scatassa (Rai Cinema), Fabrizio Guarducci (Lorenzo De ‘Medici), Matteo Cichero (Ecoframes), Sandro Bernardi (University of Florence) and Alberto Agresti (Slow Food).

The videos will also be viewed and voted on by the inmates of the Rebibbia (Rome) and Sollicciano (Florence) prisons.

The theme is “ITALY”: in its entirety, from nature to society, from gastronomy to art, from artisans to people. For the Best Video there is a cash prize of € 1,000.00.

There are also some special prizes: Special Mention Slow Food Terra Madre, Best short with the theme “NATURE”, Best short with the theme “ART”.

Thanks to those of the Compagnia di Fondazione Sistema Toscana for their collaboration.

Media Partner: Rai Cinema Channel

Partners: Fedic (Italian Cineclub Federation), Eataly, Slowfood Toscana, University of Florence, Banca Ifigest, Banca Cr Firenze, Cinephotoart, ITKI International Traditional Knowledge Institute promoted by UNESCO and the San Lorenzo Natural Shopping Center.

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