Calendar ATT 2014

Ecoframes is pleased to announce the publication of the Calendar ATT 2014realized thanks to Runner Pizza, to the photographer Stefania Vanni and to the numerous sportsmen and actors who have lent themselves to this important project. An added value is the collaboration with Camet which has made it possible to accompany each shot to a vintage car!

Ecoframes helped organize the work by also providing the Location that appears in the background, the Corsi Garden in Florence.

Calendario ATT 2014

Thanks to all the testimonials: Alessandro Benvenuti, Andrea Torricini, Angela Finocchiaro, Anna Meacci, Barbara Enrichi, Caterina Bellandi (Taxi Milano 25), Firenze Rugby 1931, Katia Beni, Paolo Hendel, Raffaele Bueno, Riccardo Marasco, Sergio Staino.

The calendar, available in the two wall and table versions, will cost 7 euros and can be purchased directly through Runner Pizza, in fact, by calling 055 33.33.33 and 0574 33.3.33 together with the Pizza it will also be possible to order the Calendar A.T.T.

For information: Runner Pizza 055 33.33.33, 0574  33.3.33 – A.T.T.