Actors at 90? Corriere Fiorentino talks about it

Can you be an actor at 90 or 99?

It is not a challenge, but an article taken from Corriere Fiorentino on the experience of some incredible people involved in the Vips project (we had anticipated the press release (comunicato stampa) at the start of shooting) took part in the Docufiction filmed in Florence in the month of July. The Italian-Spanish troupe boasts some of the leading names on the European film scene, such as the Director of Photography Alfonso Parra and the director Jesùs Solera.

This fantastic adventure will be a small part of a larger project that will see its realization in 2013!

Stories of everyday life that are intertwined with the great events of history…

Ecoframes co-ordered the project and provided the technical service necessary for the shooting, our company was honored to be able to re-enter such a fascinating project of undoubted socio-cultural interest thanks to the author and screenwriter of VIPs Biancalisa Conti.

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