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Location Services

location scoutingEcoframes owns a database of Locations in Tuscany, expecially in Florence.

Locations are available for Feature films, commercials, music videos,  documentaries and photoshoting. In Via dei Serragli’s headquarters ; thanks to Palazzo Nobiliare and the adjacent park Ecoframes can offer many indoor and outdoor Locations, available both with cine-television footages and photographic shoots.

Ecoframes indoor locations

Giardino Corsi (3)Giardino Corsi (7)Giardino Corsi (9)Giardino Corsi (2)Sale Palazzo - Giardino Corsi (3a)Sale Palazzo - Giardino Corsi (1a)Sale Palazzo - Giardino Corsi (2a)

 A few examples of Florence, Siena and Tuscany outdoor locations